CHP's Tomato Sandwich Supper - 2020, Drive Thru

July 16, 2020 @ 5:00PM — 7:30PM

Community Helping Place, 13th Annual Free Clinic Fundraiser

CHP's Tomato Sandwich Supper - 2020, Drive Thru image

Supporting Dahlonega's Free Clinic, One Tomato at a Time

Ticket Details
1 Individual Ticket, @ Dahlonega Baptist or Dahlonega Methodist
Available For 13 More Days!

1 Tomato Supper Box togo , with all the fixins, chips. and a homemade sweet.

Family, 1 Ticket for 5 persons (plus or minus) one car only.
Available For 13 More Days!

Tomato Supper Box with all the fixins for a family of 5, one car only.

$250 Sponsor (includes 1 ticket)
Available For 13 More Days!
$500.00 Sponsor (includes 2 tickets)
Available For 13 More Days!
Friend of Clinic Sponsor
Available For 13 More Days!

Become a sponsor at $250, $500, $1000. $2500 +, call Paula Payne 706-864-4455.

$1000 Sponsor (includes 4 tickets)
Available For 13 More Days!
$2500.00 Sponsor (includes 6 tickets)
Available For 13 More Days!

With Covid-19 taking a toll on Lumpkin jobs and health, the Community Helping Place Free Clinic is busier than ever and we need your support. Sponsor, make a donation, and buy a ticket for our only fundraiser of the year.

Join us for the Tomato Sandwich Supper a time honored Dahlonega tradition.

Every 3rd Thursday in July, Dahlonega gathers at our churches to support CHP's free clinic by eating Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwiches. Our long time supporter Jeff Grindle of Tomato House Farms in Murrayville donates bushels of his farm fresh tomatoes every year. Other nearby grocer's and restaurants pitch in the rest of the top quality ingredients.

2020 is the 13th year Dahlonega's Catholic, Methodist and Baptist churches have organized the Tomato Sandwich Supper Free Clinic Fundraiser. This year will be a little different due to Covid-19, all three congregations are involved but you'll pick up your Box Suppers in 2 locations,

The Dahlonega Methodist Church
the Dahlonega Baptist Church

Our friends at St. Luke's Catholic will be in both locations in force as well.

Make a donation, buy some tickets, and then come to one of the churches on July 16th between 5 -7:30 to pick up sandwich fixins, of perfectly ripe slabs of Tomato, thick slices of bacon and crisp iceberg lettuce. You'll get chips and the ladies from the churches make sweets too.

If you would like to be a Sponsor call Paula Payne 706-864-4455.

If you would rather buy a paper ticket in person, call 706-867-9621 or better yet, stop by our Rock House Thrift store at 1127 Hwy 52E, Dahlonega, Ga.

Bring your box to Hancock Park and join us for some "social distance" live music.

Small town living does not get any

better than this!